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ECD Ingredients for Health and Nutrition

It’s never been more important for consumers to manage their own wellness, or to boost their natural immunity. ECD Ingredients’ Natural Health and Nutrition range offers you innovative micro-encapsulated Fat Powders, Spray-dried Juice Powders bursting with vital ingredients and vitamins, and sustainably-sourced Plant and Seed Oil Powders with excellent nutritional properties.

All our products are manufactured in our UK facilities to the highest national and international food safety standards, using our advanced spray drying technology, and all are fully traceable. That means you can promote your foods, drinks and supplements to health hero status with complete confidence. 

Choose Free-flowing Microencapsulated Oil Powders with Pure Potential

ECD Ingredients offers you a growing range of innovative oil powders derived from health-promoting fats. Using its unique microencapsulation process and advanced spray drying technology, ECD Ingredients transforms nutritional oils into free-flowing fat powders with outstanding bio-availability and targeted release capability. Now you can add the powerful properties of plant-based healthy fats straight into your performance and nutrition products.

All our Microencapsulated Oil Powders are easily dispersible in water, 100% vegan and clean label.

Avocado Oil Powder
CBD Oil Powder
Coconut C8 MCT Oil Powder – 65% oil content
Coconut Fat Powder
Coconut MCT Oil Powder 50%-70% oil content
Nutritional Fat Powder
RSPO Palm C8 MCT Oil Powder 65% oil content
RSPO Palm MCT Oil Powder – ProKeto 65% oil content
RSPO Palm MCT Oil Powder 50-70% oil content
Vegan CLA Powder 50%-70% oil content
Vegan CLA Powder
Vegan MCT Oil Powder (From RSPO Palm or Coconut )
Vegan C8 MCT Oil Powder ( From RSPO Palm or Coconut )

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    Fruit Powders – bursting with natural goodness

    The Fruit Powders in our Health and Nutrition range add depiction, provenance and nutritional credentials, which contribute to your product claims. Packed with essential nutrients and vitamins, and certified GMO-free, they help you make your bars, drinks, shakes or supplements deliciously effective.

    Acerola Juice Powder
    Apple Juice Powder
    Aronia Juice Powder
    Bilberry Powder
    Blackberry Powder
    Blackcurrant Powder
    Blood Orange Powder
    Blueberry Juice Powder
    Blueberry Powder
    British Apple Juice Powder
    British Pear Juice Powder
    British Raspberry Powder
    British Strawberry Powder
    Cranberry Juice Powder
    Elderflower Juice Powder
    Goji Berry Juice Powder
    Goldenberry Juice Powder
    Guava Juice Powder
    Guava Powder
    Haskap Berry Powder
    Honey Powder
    Lemon Juice Powder
    Lime EXTRACT Juice Powder
    Lychee Powder
    Orange Juice Powder
    Passionfruit Juice Powder
    Pineapple Juice Powder
    Pink Grapefruit Powder
    Pomegranate Juice Powder
    Raspberry Powder
    Sicilian Lemon Juice Powder
    Strawberry Powder
    Watermelon Juice Powder
    White Grape Powder

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      The growing power of plant-based spray-dried powders

      As demand grows for all things ‘green’ and sustainably-sourced, new and traditional phytonutrients are becoming the stars of leading health and nutrition products. Our microencapsulated Plant and Seed Oil Powders, all GMO-free, will broaden your range of health-promoting ingredients, so you can offer exciting new wellbeing benefits to your customers.

      Avocado Oil Powder
      Blackberry Oil Powder
      Borage Oil Powder
      Chia Seed Oil Powder
      Evening Primrose Oil Powder
      Hemp Oil Powder
      Lavender Oil Powder
      Linseed Oil Powder
      Soyabean Oil Powder
      Wheatgerm Oil Powder
      Peppermint Oil Powder
      Vegan Avocado Oil Powder
      Vegan Flaxseed Oil Powder
      Vegan Hemp Oil Powder

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