Turn your Health and Nutrition products into true nutraceuticals. Add authentic Sweet and Savoury accents to foods and drinks with our Juice Powders, Vinegar Powders and more. Or create high-performance products with our Natural Functional range.

ECD Ingredients is part of ECD, the largest independent toll spray drying and powder blending services provider in the UK, with contract drying clients globally.

We are the UK’s leading manufacturer of spray-dried ingredients of named provenance. 

From Balsamic Vinegar of Modena to genuine Parmesan cheese, and from Lime Juice Extract to Acerola Cherry, ECD’s provenance powders add authentic taste sensations to some of Europe’s best-loved snack and food brands.

All of our sustainable spray dried powders are manufactured entirely at our UK factories to the highest food safety standards, using the most advanced technology, and all are fully traceable.

Whether you are seeking purity in the form of Halal, Kosher or Vegan spray dried powders, or saying ‘no’ to GMO, ECD Ingredients is here to help you get creative with confidence.

Natural spray dried powders. Pure Innovation.

At ECD Ingredients, we stay curious about emerging consumer trends; it’s what drives our innovative approach. The result? A large and growing range of pure, natural ingredients – with provenance.

Find what you need to make your Health and Nutrition products into real nutraceuticals.

Add authentic Sweet and Savoury accents such as juice powders to exciting new foods and drinks, and enhance your product’s taste or shelf life with our Natural Functional range.

All our natural spray dried powders are made in our UK plants to the highest food safety standards, using advanced spray drying technology, and all are fully traceable.

We also certify our products GMO-free.

So whether you are looking for Kosher, Halal, Vegan or other special spray dried powders, our ‘pure provenance’ approach means you can get creative with confidence.

Provenance Pays

Authenticity means the original ingredients have ‘provenance’.  At ECD Ingredients, our coveted International Provenance (IP) status means that raw materials are sourced only from approved suppliers; each powder is fully traceable to its source product.

Today’s consumers will pay a premium for real food, sustainably and ethically produced.  With our ingredients, you can depict, claim and share your product’s special provenance character, with full confidence.

A Passion for Provenance

Express Contract Drying (ECD) was founded in Tregaron, Wales, in 1991 by David McDermott. It soon became known as the outstanding Toll Spray-drying and spray-dried ingredients manufacturer for some of the UK’s best-loved premium food and health food brands. Reflecting growing demand, a second plant was built at Ebbw Vale, Wales, in 2001.

Right from the beginning, David McDermott’s passion for provenance and quality shaped the range ECD Ingredients offers today. From authentic traditional tastes to exciting new ingredients and health-promoting properties, we source our sustainable spray dried powders directly from top producers.

Sustainable’ is not just a concept here, it’s our everyday practice. It describes how we source our raw materials, and the way we deal with our suppliers and customers. We constantly invest to expand our facilities and develop our teams. In turn, this leads to excellence in product development and quality, technical support and service.

All our natural spray-dried powders are manufactured in the UK, and they all contain one ingredient in common: our passion for purity and provenance. As a result, ECD Ingredients now enhance leading food and supplement brands in the UK, Europe and the United States.

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Express Contract Drying built its reputation as a leading supplier of contract spray drying and powder blending services to leading food and drink brands in the UK, Europe and the USA. 

From this foundation of expertise, ECD Ingredients has created an equally strong name for itself with a growing range of natural spray dried powders. Our name for quality is based on pure, traceable ingredients, sustainable practices and stringent food safety standards. All our products are manufactured entirely in our UK plants, where we also have full research and quality control capabilities.

We stay curious about consumer trends, responding to change with new manufacturing technology and technical team know-how. Our certified Halal, Kosher and Vegan Spray Dried Powders, answer a growing demand for greater choice.  ECD’s micro-encapsulation technology lets you feature the latest in health-promoting fats. 

Wherever the next food trend takes you, you can be sure we have ingredient purity, provenance and performance covered. 


ECD Ingredients operates a quality system in line with rigorous BRC Global Standards for food ingredient manufacture, and international Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety protocols. Since we adopted BRC in 2006, we have always had an ‘A’ rating

All our products are manufactured entirely in our UK plants, so these quality standards remain consistent. We continuously reinvest in the latest and best-performing equipment and high-level training so that we can pass improvements direct to you.

Our Halal Spray Dried Powder is certified by IFANCA; Kosher Spray Dried Powders have London Beth Din seal of approval.


With over 40 years of experience in creating natural spray-dried powders, ECD Ingredients has evolved to meet market-led demand. The past decade alone has seen growing trends for more plant-based foods and sustainable sourcing.

Even more recently, there is a growing trend towards vegan and GMO-free ingredients, and the science of health-enhancing nutraceuticals has created new opportunities for premium food and drink products. In all these areas, ECD’s research and innovation teams respond to deliver what consumers want, while adhering to strict standards of food safety and quality.

At ECD Ingredients, we can help you deliver, thanks to our own state-of-the-art UK laboratory and pilot plant facilities. Here, market knowledge and research expertise give innovation all the room it needs to create delicious, natural, new taste sensations.


ECD Ingredients is one of the largest, independent and most technologically advanced spray dried food ingredient manufacturers in Europe. But that doesn’t mean we are content to stand still.

We believe in keeping our manufacturing facilities and equipment in top condition and continually reinvest to ensure that we provide the best services for our customers. Over the past few years we have invested over £5.5 million in a 60,000 square foot expansion. We’ve added top of the range dryers and streamlined our product areas. We are proud of our new world-class research and development labs and pilot plant.

We’ve expanded and enhanced our spray drying facilities to handle more quantity, more variety. Now at 6,000 tonnes per annum spray drying capacity and up to 10,000 tonnes per annum powder blending capacity. This means we can offer an even wider range of our genuine named provenance powders, including authentic regional vinegars, fruits and ‘superfruits’, cheese, alcohol, honey and syrup powders. An automated blending and packing line and additional warehousing means we are ready for the next revolution in food demand, whatever form it takes!

Today ECD ingredients can offer our customers; state of the art research and development services, pilot plant and extensive spray drying facilities.

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