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The growing value of authentic ingredients

What is it made of? Where does it comes from? How is it produced? Every food product has an origin story to tell. And today’s sophisticated consumers want their quality food choices to be natural, traceable and sustainably-sourced, as well as delicious and nutritious. If your product can deliver on all these qualities, consumers will pay a premium.

Today, provenance is a key ingredient in premium food brands. ECD Ingredients’ spray dried powders are fully traceable to natural sources and named locations. That means you can share your product story, from packaging design to promotional messages, with confidence and pride.

We invite you to meet our Provenance Partners. Their passion for purity is passed on in every one of the spray-dried ingredients we offer you. Click on each partner logo to find out their story.

Products Supplied: Apple Cyder Vinegar and Raw Cider Vinegar with Mother

Aspall Cyder is built on heritage, quality and centuries of experience. They have been producing British fine Cyder for nearly 300 years, and they continue to lead the way in all things Cyder at the original Aspall Cyder House in Suffolk.

Aspall is now the go-to brand for chefs and home cooks everywhere – the world-renowned Aspall Organic Cyder Vinegar is the signature product in today’s extensive range.

ECD are long-term partners with Aspall, meaning that we use world-renowned, premium quality Cyder vinegar straight from Suffolk in our products. Apple Cyder vinegar is one of the most sought-after ‘superfoods’, so here at ECD we only use the best ingredients from Aspall.

Say hello to our Partners: www.aspall.co.uk

Products Supplied: Vegan Sheese

The quality and availability of vegan alternative foods has improved massively in the past few years, with Bute Island Foods at least partially to thank for this impressive progress! With more and more vegan snacks and ready meal options appearing in supermarkets and on restaurant menus all the time, Bute Island Foods make sure that we are always innovating and adapting with our vegan product offering.

We love working with Bute Island Foods as they provide us with the best vegan cheese options on the market. Through working with Bute Island Foods Sheese products, we were able together to contribute to the launch of the ground-breaking Vegan Sheese & Red Onion Kettle Chips.

Bute Island Foods are leaders in their field, with innovation at the heart of their business. They carry out exhaustive testing to create cutting edge products of the highest quality, as well as seeking to improve the taste, texture and melting ability of the existing vegan Sheeses.

They’ve expanded to a wide range of 32 Sheese Products which includes wedges, blocks, slices, grated and soft spreadable “cream cheese” style products. They have received many awards over the years for their products and are proud to be able to provide something to suit all tastes and needs.

Say hello to our Partners: www.buteisland.com

Products Supplied: Sherry Vinegar

Vinagres de Yema, S. L is a family owned business located in Puerto de Santa Maria, in the Jerez area of Spain. They have been lovingly manufacturing Sherry Vinegar since 1992.

Vinagres de Yema are dedicated exclusively to the production, aging and bottling of unique vinegars. Their vinegars are well-renowned throughout Europe, especially in the French Gourmet sector. Today they are sold on all five continents in the most prestigious stores.

At ECD, we have worked with Vinagres de Yema for many years. They provide us with exquisite premium vinegars with Vinagre de Jerez Destination of Origin. All of their vinegars receive the same expert treatment and care as the famous wines that make up their raw  material. The vinegar is aged in oak casks, which previously contained Sherry wine according to the traditional Criaderas and Soleras system for aging.

Say hello to our Partners: www.vinagresdeyema.es

Products Supplied: Balsamic of Modena Vinegar

The company Toschi was established in 1945 in Vignola (Modena), when Giancarlo and Lanfranco Toschi first dipped the famous Vignola cherries into alcohol to preserve them and enjoy them all year round.

Over its 65 years in the business, the company has enormously enlarged its range of products, which now includes the famous Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP (Balsamic Vinegar from Modena). This product is uniquely linked to the Italian hills in Modena, where the raw materials are carefully selected and matured in Slavonia oak barrels to produce the delicious, tangy world-class vinegar. The meticulous curation of this vinegar is reflected in its PGI status which assures consumers of the origin, quality and authenticity of this star product.

ECD and Toschi have formed a long-term partnership over many years. We have become joint partners in bringing this quintessential taste of Italy to the snack food and supplements sector. Toschi and sister company Acetaia Borgo Castello have partnered with ECD to develop a huge variety of spray dried powders for an international clientele.

Thanks to the enormous versatility of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and its natural propensity to meet flavors, aromas and recipes from all over the world, Toschi and sister company Acetaia Borgo Castello have partnered with ECD to develop a huge variety of spray dried powders based on Toschii condiments and sauces for an international clientele.

Toschi is powered by passion and the pride which comes with bringing the taste of Balsamic Vinegar to tables all over the world. Meet the Toschi family below!

Say hello to our Partners:
Acetaia Borgo Castello (Toschi sister company which specialises in Balsamic Vinegar)

Products supplied: Refined Oils and Lipids

Working with a tight-knit team and based in the Netherlands, LUS founder Rene van Hoorn is a man with a mission: “…to inspire those around us with alternative, better choices for health and the planet…” In fact, he has been “trying to do what is right” for more than 15 years.

LUS supplies a range of algal-based health and nutrition ingredients to vegan and keto-oriented suppliers. For ECD that means highly nutritional Avocado Oil, Algal DHA Oil and Flaxseed Oil, transformed into natural spray dried powders that reflect the purity of the original ingredients.

The name ‘Lus’ is derived from the Gaelic word for a plant or herb. And in Dutch, it also means ‘a loop’. That makes it the perfect name and symbol for this company’s focus: sustainable, plant-based solutions

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Products Supplied: Kingusto (umami-rich mushroom concentrate)

From compost to commercial cultivation, and from preservation to promotion, the family leadership team at Prochamp is passionate about one thing: the production and distribution of the very finest preserved mushrooms. To maintain full traceability, the company manages every aspect of the operation itself.

Founded more than 50 years ago by Richard Peffer, today the business is run by his children, Arjan, Hetty and Robert. They have carried the family qualities of attention to detail and innovation into a new generation of products.

One of Prochamp’s outstanding innovations is Kingusto. It’s a rich mushroom concentrate that packs a powerful ‘umami’ punch, naturally intensifying the savoury taste of high-quality foods and snack products. ECD Ingredients takes this unique product and transforms it into a free-flowing spray dried Kingusto powder, with all the taste-enhancing qualities of the original.

So while seeking new methods and markets keeps Prochamp growing worldwide, its tradition of purity maintains its authentic roots.

Say hello to our Partners: www.prochamp.nl and www.kingusto.com

Products Supplied: C8 Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil (MCT), Conjugated Linoleic Acid Oil (CLA)

Stepan Company is a global speciality and intermediate chemical manufacturer that has been serving a broad range of industries for 88 years. Speciality Products (Lipid Nutrition) makes up an important part of the broader Stepan Company. Through more than 30 years of experience in product development, Stepan Lipid Nutrition has been providing high quality esters, fats and oils to the pharmaceutical, medial nutrition and dietary supplements markets. Their manufacturing capabilities and responsiveness to customer needs makes them the go-to partner for multi-nationals and start-ups alike.

Stepan Company has a clear vision to provide innovative solutions for a cleaner, healthier and more energy efficient world. Therefore, they are fuelled by the science of the tomorrow to help their customers succeed today. We began our collaboration with Stepan in 2019 in order to deliver innovative, premium MCT powders to the market. More recently, we have worked together to produce a novel offering of CLA powders into the sports nutrition space. Together, ECD and Stepan deliver quality and reliability seamlessly.

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