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Vegan Protein Balls

Omega 3 & 6 – Fuel your body from within Flaxseed Oil Powder and Safflower Oil Powder from ECD are the perfect source of plant-based omegas!

    These bite-sized sources of raw vegan protein are the new way to easily get all your nutritional needs:
  • Vegan source of Omega-3 and Omega 6 – ideal if you are not getting enough DHA and EPA in your diet. Most guidelines recommend at least 1,600 mg of ALA Omega-3 fatty acids daily for men and 1,100mg for women
  • Made with up to 70% pure, cold-pressed, and sustainably sourced flaxseed and safflower oil
  • Flaxseed oil contains alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a form of Omega-3 fatty acid
  • Safflower oil has a high Vitamin E and healthy polyunsaturated fatty acid Omega 6
  • High in fibre
  • Pro keto
  • Supports healthy weight management by reducing body fat
  • Manufactured in the UK, in-house at ECD’s GMP, BRC accredited spray drying site
  • Micro encapsulated controlled release and fully water dispersible
  • Neutral Taste
  • Smooth Creamy Texture
  • Natural

Other products in the ECD Healthy Fat Powders range include: Avocado Oil Powder, Flaxseed Oil Powder, MCT Oil Powder, CLA Powder, CBD Oil Powder, Hemp Oil Powder; Chia Seed Oil Powder; Linseed Oil Powder, Sunflower Oil Powder, Butter Oil Powder.

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Protein Ball Flyer (click for PDF)