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MCT Oil Powder

Create pure flavour, dairy-free

ECD is proud to present the first truly dairy-free product of its kind to be manufactured in Europe. ECD Spray Dried MCT Oil Powder is a free flowing, microencapsulated medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. It comprises 50-65% MCT oil encapsulated within a non-GMO corn starch.

MCT Oil Powder offers a clean label, dairy-free nutritional fat source for a whole range of dietetic and performance related nutritional supplement blends.

Choose from our Coconut Oil or RSPO Palm Oil based Powders, both drawn from sustainable sources. Either way, you can be sure of a pure and vegan-friendly product.

In addition, our MCT Oil Powder is approved by international anti-doping authorities as being free from prohibited products, and it contains no ionized or irradiated components.

  • Manufactured at our BRC-accredited, dairy-free spray drying facility
  • Vegan, meets growing demand for vegan products
  • Long shelf life – stable for 24 months from production date when stored under optimum conditions
  • Kosher and Halal certification available
  • Quality-assured ingredients suppliers guarantees continuity of supply
  • MCT oil, corn starch (non-GMO)

  • Nutrition bars
  • Fat-soluble vitamin mixes
  • Beverage mixes
  • Meal replacement powders
  • Ketonic diet shakes
  • Sports nutrition shakes
  • Appearance – Off-white powder
  • Oil content – 50-70%
  • Moisture – Maximum 3%
  • Solubility in water – Dispersible

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