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Immunity Boosters

Pack powerful immunity-strenthening potential into your nutritional products

It’s never been more important for health-conscious consumers to build up their immunity to infectious diseases,
and proven nutritional products are taking centre stage.

What role could our top superfood ingredients play in your star products?

Avocado Oil Powder – Micro Encapsulated and Spray Dried
Made with up to 70 percent pure avocado oil, ECD Ingredients produces the most concentrated version currently available commercially. Avocado is a top immune-strengthening performer. Phytonutrients such as phytosterols, a rainbow of carotenoids and flavonoids, alpha-linoleic acid (from the powerful Omega-3 family), oleic acid and glutathione are all packed into the avocado nutrient profile. Together, they promote heart and brain health, support cancer and stroke prevention, and are the fierce enemy of destructive free radicals.
Our unique, cutting edge micro-encapsulation and spray drying techniques protect the special nutrients and benefits of avocado so you can offer a water dispersible powder, full power, immune-enhancing boost in your nutritional and meal replacement powder blends and in beverages, tablets, capsules or gels.

Wheatgerm Oil Powder – Micro Encapsulated and Spray Dried
Wheat germ is a major nutritional component of wholegrain wheat, and for very good reason. It is an excellent source of essential Vitamin E, and a powerful antioxidant helping to reduce and prevent oxidative stress. Wheatgerm is also rich in oxygen-boosting octacosanol, a long chain fatty acid that aids physical performance, including strength and stamina. In addition, it supports immune system cells, and enhances the body’s natural inflammatory response function. To add to its star quality, wheatgerm contains omega-3 fatty acids and vital minerals including magnesium and potassium.
ECD Ingredients has created a range of microencapsulated, spray dried, water dispersible oil powders using advanced research and manufacturing techniques, so that you can convey all the benefits of our wheatgerm oil powder into your nutritional blends, beverages and supplements.

Acerola Cherry Powder
Adding vibrant and tangy personality to smoothies, juices, or breakfast cereals, our vegan and gluten-free Acerola Cherry Powder is the undisputed champion of Vitamin C content. One acerola cherry contains up to 40 times more Vitamin C than a whole orange! Together with Vitamin A and B-complex benefits and important minerals, it fortifies the system against heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Aronia Powder
The ‘sour power’ of the deep purple aronia berry outperforms almost all other berries in anthocyanin and flavonoid content, for huge antioxidant benefits. Our free-flowing powder is easy to use and water soluble. Add this potent purple powder to yoghurts, smoothies, sports blends, and more.

Blueberry Juice Powder
High-fibre, low-calorie, and packed with Vitamins C and K, juicy blueberries are nature’s antioxidant treats. Our advanced spray-drying process keeps all the blueberry character intact in our Blueberry Juice Powder. Add its sweetness, fruity aroma and beautiful blue-purple colour to your sport and nutritional blends, or vitamin and supplement tablets.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Powder
After 5,000 years in use for health and healing, cider vinegar is one of the original superfoods. From helping with weight loss to lowering blood pressure and regulating blood sugar, our Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Powder comes complete with the ‘mother’ element (a potent bouquet of proteins, enzymes and good bacteria). Adds a healthy tangy edge to snack seasonings, soups, sauces and supplements.

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