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Honey Powder

Gold dust with added goodness

With the growing interest in natural food products, the flavours and properties of certain honey varieties are gaining a huge following amongst health-conscious consumers. ECD Ingredients offers the most iconic of these: Mexican Blossom, Acacia, Orange Blossom and nutrient-packed Manuka Honey flavours.

Using an advanced spray drying process, ECD transmits the intense honey flavour and health benefits of these leading varieties into dry powder.

Each variety maintains its fully traceable provenance from an approved supplier.

Everything from snack seasonings to supplements, and cold remedies to breakfast cereals, will be all the better for a touch of gold!

  • Natural sweetener, healthier alternative to sugar
  • Choose from Mexican Blossom, Acacia, Orange Blossom and Manuka Honey Powder
  • Nutritional Blends and Supplements
  • Allows origin provenance and Authenticity claim on label, so you can confidently share provenance claims with consumers
  • Facilitates depiction on label to enhance provenance claims
  • Ease of handling – powder form easy to measure and use in recipes
  • Allergen free
  • Snack Seasonings
  • Meat Glazes and Coatings
  • Cold and Flu Remedies
  • Breakfast cereals and muesli
  • Cereal bars

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