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Grape Juice Extract Powder

This elixir of health which has been celebrated since Roman times is now available as a spray dried powder from ECD.

Grape must is a unique product obtained from pressing grapes – although this is usually one of the first steps in the production of wine, grape must itself has an impressive array of health benefits, as well as a delicious taste. From helping to boost energy levels and regulate sleeping patterns to being a powerful antioxidant, grape must is a remarkable natural remedy.

Our Spray Dried Grape Juice Extract Powder is made from 100% grape must , extracted from only the finest Italian grapes, produced by our partners Aceita Borgo Castello in Northern Italy

  • Elixir of health – grape must contains very little fat and has a high water content which helps to keep the body hydrated whilst the enzymes present in the must stimulate three large organs: kidneys, liver and intestine,
  • promoting digestion
  • May help reduce cholesterol – the grape must is rich in flavonoids
  • Packed with nutrients and vitamins
  • Contains Vitamin A which promotes tissue tone
  • Antioxidants contained in grape must help to improve elasticity of the skin and promotes anti-aging. The Ancient Romans used grape treatments to purify the body and brighten the skin
  • Contains Vitamin C which promotes the production of collagen
  • Contains natural, great-tasting sugars
  • Can help to boost energy levels and aid better sleeping patterns due to the presence of quercetin and melatonin (which regulates circadian rhythms) in the grape must.
  • Resveratrol is present in the grape skin which may help to reduce blood pressure and cholestorol as well as acting as an antiinflammatory antioxidant.
  • Brimming with mineral salts including boron which aids the absorption of calcium which strengthens bones and promotes brain and memory health.
  • May ease stomach upset
  • Rich in ligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) and other polyphenolic compounds. Polyphenols found in grapeseed have been a source of natural remedies for thousands of years.
  • Easy to use, free-flowing powder form
  • Water soluble
  • Meal replacement powder blends
  • Active lifestyle and sports nutrition products
  • Tablets and capsules
  • Savoury nutritionally complete meals
  • Powder beverage mixes

Concentrated grape must, Potato maltodextrin

Appearance: Light brown to beige powder
Oil content: 60-70%
Moisture: Maximum 3%
Solubility in water: Dispersible

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