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Acerola Cherry Powder

The cherry with a capital ‘C’

No ordinary cherry, the fruit of this tropical shrub is the richest source of Vitamin C found in nature.

One acerola cherry contains up to 40 times as much Vitamin C as a whole orange. In addition, it is much easier for the body to access this natural form of Vitamin C, as opposed to taking a supplement. Just 1-2 tablespoons of this powerful immune system defender and anti-oxidant offers more than the recommended daily dose.

The acerola cherry, also known as the Barbados or West Indian cherry, is picked and processed while still green, to retain maximum Vitamin C content. Using an advanced spray-drying process, ECD transforms these precious fruits
into juice powders, whilst retaining their nutritional and flavour elements.

With its vibrant, tart flavour blended into smoothies and juices, or sprinkled over breakfast cereal or yogurt, ECD’s Acerola Cherry Powder is also the most delicious way to obtain Vitamin A and Vitamin B-complex benefits. This vitamin trio forms a powerful preventive against heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Minerals including iron, calcium and potassium are also present, to build strong bones and enhance energy.

  • Powdered sports and performance nutrition blends
  • Vitamin and supplement tablets and capsules
  • Natural source of ascorbic acid in natural nitrite bacon curing blends
  • Excellent source of Vitamins C, A and B-complex, and minerals
  • Allows depiction and authenticity claim on label, so you can confidently share authenticity claims with consumers
  • Ease of handling – powder form easy to measure and use in recipes
  • Clean label and natural product status so you can create premium products
  • Gluten Free, ideal for those on GF diets
  • Vegan product, matching growing consumer trends

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