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Increase the value of your products with ECD provenance ingredients

ECD Ingredients of Named Provenance

One of the first things we like to know about people when we first meet them is where they’re from and what their story is. The same is true for brands. We refer to this as brand ‘provenance’; a word derived from the French ‘provenir’, meaning ‘to come forth’ or ‘originate’.  Every food product has a story to tell, where it comes from, what it contains, who makes it. Provenance tells the consumer just that.

Consumer Confidence in Brands
Consumers value authenticity and will pay a premium when the brand’s connections to origin run deep. Made In, Made By and Made Since are very important .These terms have become to represent all things consumers care about quality, ingredients, health, animal welfare, sustainability, environmental and labour concerns.
In short, provenance equals confidence.

Provenance supports brands.
There are few more powerful concepts in branding than that of provenance and using a brand’s geographic or varietal origins to communicate its identity and differentiate it from the competition.  We live in an increasingly transparent internet and social media world in which the consumer seeks confidence in brands. Provenance inspires consumer confidence communicating in simple images the when, the how, the where and the who.

ECD Provenance Ingredients
ECD Spray dried provenance ingredients facilitates the depictability on the label instantly connecting with the consumer and communicating:
  • Origin
  • Benefits
  • Traceability
  • Confidence in Brand
  • Sustainability



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