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Vegan Sheese Powder

Really cheesey flavour. Ethical choice

Our Vegan Sheese alternative to Cheddar, Red Leicester, Mozzarella, Italian Hard Cheese and Greek Style cheese spray dried powders are made entirely in the UK.

The vegan alternative to cheese style block from which we create our powders is made with healthy coconut oil in an entirely animal-free setting. The cheese recipes have been refined with over 30 years of vegan cheese-making (and award winning) experience.

Now vegans can enjoy their favourite potato crisps and dry roasted nuts, crackers and breads flavoured with the rich, full, tangy taste of really cheesy flavour.

Choose between Vegan Sheeses in the style of Cheddar, Red Leicester, Gouda, Mozzarella, Italian Hard Cheese or Greek Style – with 100% confidence in the purity of the flavours.

ECD manufactures this product at its own state-of-the-art, dairy-free spray drying facility at Ebbw Vale in Wales. That means a dedicated supply chain guaranteeing consistent traceability, quality, continuity and oversight.

  • Made from up to 70% pure avocado oil
  • Sustainably sourced from conventional or organic farms
  • Full traceability and documentation to meet quality and compliance standards
  • Made at ECD’s dairy-free spray drying site in the UK, to guarantee supply quality, oversight and ease of audit
  • Allergen-free to suit an expanded range of consumers
  • Certified vegetarian and vegan, to meet growing demand for vegan products
  • Certified Kosher and Halal product
  • Controlled release and fully water dispersible
  • Vegan potato chip seasonings
  • Vegan roasted nut seasonings
  • Dry bread products such as Ryvita and crackers
  • Flatbread, naan and pizza bases

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