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Blueberry Juice Powder

The berry that’s bursting with benefits

Low in calories but high in fibre, plus vitamins C and K, the blueberry is arguably the most delicious way Nature provides to get the antioxidants your body requires. Its juice provides an attractive blue-purple colour and sweet tangy taste to a whole range of nutrition-enhanced foods and flavourings.

For its Blueberry Juice Powder, ECD Ingredients accepts only real fruits from the best growers. We use an advanced spray drying process that retains the essential flavour and aroma of blueberries in a consistent, high-quality powder form, to add a powerful wellbeing bonus to your health-oriented foods and snacks.

  • Powder sports and performance nutritional blends
  • Pressed vitamin and supplement tablets
  • Provides natural blueberry flavour for sweetness and added dimension of taste
  • Facilitates depiction on label, to enhance provenance claims
  • Ease of handling – powder form easy to measure and use in recipes

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Blueberry Juice flyer (click to view)