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Avocado Oil Powder

Guarding the goodness of green gold

After months of intensive research and development, ECD is proud to launch its new Avocado Oil Powder.

ECD Spray Dried Avocado Oil Powder contains up to 70 percent pure avocado oil. As such, this is the most concentrated product of its kind currently available commercially.

ECD’s new product development and laboratory teams combined their knowledge and expertise to create this potent Avocado Oil Powder. They have developed microencapsulation techniques to form a protective ‘wall’ around the outstanding functional, nutritional and chemical properties of the avocado fruit. This means that the powerful
nutrient profile and proven benefits of avocado are preserved to a much greater degree, and can be passed on to consumers.

ECD manufacture this its avocado oil powder at its own state-of-the-art, spray drying facility at Ebbw Vale in Wales. That means a dedicated supply chain guaranteeing consistent traceability, quality, continuity and oversight.

Finally, using our proprietary micronisation, emulsification and spray-drying technology makes both process and product commercially viable.

  • Made from up to 70% pure avocado oil
  • Sustainably sourced from conventional or organic farms
  • Full traceability and documentation to meet quality and compliance standards
  • Made at ECD’s dairy-free spray drying site in the UK, to guarantee supply quality, oversight and ease of audit
  • Allergen-free to suit an expanded range of consumers
  • Certified vegetarian and vegan, to meet growing demand for vegan products
  • Certified Kosher and Halal product
  • Controlled release and fully water dispersible
  • Active lifestyle and sports nutrition products
  • Meal replacement powder blends
  • Tablets and capsules
  • Powder beverage mixes
  • Gels

Appearance: Off-green powder
Oil content: 50-70%
Moisture: Maximum 3%
Solubility in water: Dispersible

Avocado oil, Acacia Fibre, Antioxidants

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