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Acetaia Borgo Castello – VIC – Very Important Condiments

Welcome to the new range of VIC (Very Important Condiments) from Acetatia Borgo Castello

High-Density Condiment

Rich, colourful and full of body.
For anyone with a passion or really good condiments here’s a dressing for your smile. The tomato flavours are rich and inviting, with a touch of Bloody Mary spice.

Perfect for snacks like bruschetta, nachos, French Fries and tortillas, seafoods and fish.

High-Density Condiment

Refreshing, with a predominant note of ginger like the famous cocktail Moscow Mule, this condiment gives a special refinement to light dishes, without affecting their color.

Perfect for meat and fish tartare and vegetables.

High-Density Dressing with Rose Juice

Our Sweet Rose Condiment has a clear limpid pink color, fruity and aromatic taste, made exclusively with high quality ingredients like Rosehip juice, rich source of vitamin C.

Excellent on fresh seafood and shellfish and white meat. It is delicious also on fresh fruit salads, ice cream and desserts.

Also available for Black Pepper and Almond

High-Density Dressing with Agave Syrup

Always recognized as a plant with a thousand benefits, agave leaves are famous for their properties. Perfect for adding an exotic touch to salads.

Perfect for an healty drinking vinegar, ideal on white meat, fish and salads.

Available in Pineapple, Maracuja and Mango

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